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Our Vision

How we are Different.

Trends & Analysis

It’s really simple, we understand fans and what engages them.

We understand fans and what they want, we use data, trends and insights plus our 25 years of history in the space to connect with the audience.

The Creative Midfielder

Everyone is looking for a creative midfielder in their team who can provide the necessary link between brands and rights holders to the fans. We sit in the space and analyse what is required.

Collaborative Approach

No two events are the same and nor should they be, we work with our clients not for them to collaborate on projects in order to find the best solution. We don’t know what that is until we co-design together.

Our Vision

What we Offer.

Bright Minds

A team of bright minds who strategically advise and work with you to deliver campaigns.

Technology & Innovation

Our team continually research and develop the latest technologies in order to create effective campaigns. From interactive, Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality to create immersive experiences.

Effective Solutions

Our creative innovators deliver engaging brand campaigns, websites, interactive touch screen experiences, APP’s and bespoke games for brands, rights holders and sports.






We have a simplified approach
to all projects which revolves around strategy.

Step 1.

Understanding where you are now

This is our discovery phase where we learn everything about you, the business, your product(s), audience(s). Everything we need to know.

Step 2.

Developing a strategy for where you want get too

This is where we conduct a number of co-design sessions to develop a strategy that fits your business trajectory. We consider everything and plan against a schedule in order to develop tools and tactics maximise the reach and effectiveness

Step 3.

Creating the assets you need and deploying them to the audience

This is the creative phase where we create all the assets you need to deploy against the strategy, we work across, brand, digital, video, social and content working with our writers and your team to produce the most effective campaigns.


Let’s talk.

We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help brands, rights holders and agencies use technology and innovation to deliver engaging campaigns.

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eyerora VR

eyeora VR is a platform agnostic VR social networking solution which allows any user to host events in their stadiums, have meet-ups in their own rooms...

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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, PR & Comms

  • Design

    Graphic Design, UI/UX Design,

  • Client

    eyeora VR

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