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APP Dev UI & UX Design June 3, 2022


We worked closely with the team at MUSTO to develop an APP that would allow sailors of all ages and class of boat to race against each other based on a handicap system which was driven by a complex algorithm. A first of its kind it allowed children to race against adults in different locations around the world, in different boats in different conditions.

The MUSTO Speed Challenge is a thrilling virtual regatta where participants can sign up for free on or on the free iOS or Android app. Once they have logged their session, users can see how their top speeds compare to UK sailors across 200 dinghy classes after handicap allowances.

To participate, users can record their speeds using a GPS device and upload their GPX files to, or use the MUSTO Speed Challenge app to record and upload their speeds. Both the app and website work together for a truly integrated experience, enabling sailors throughout the UK to connect with each other and hone their skills.


Create an APP to record data compare entrants.

  • Strategy

    UX & UI Strategy

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    UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Development, User Behaviour

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